Current Openings

Job id Job Title Country
UOC-272-14 TECHNICAL CLERK/COURIER Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
UOC-271-14 TIME KEEPER/HR Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
UOC-270-14 ACCOUNTANT/COST ACCOUNTANTS Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
UOC-269-14 COST ENGINEER II Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
UOC-268-14 Delivery Driver Saudi Arabia
UOC-267-14 Salesman Saudi Arabia
UOC-266-14 Reefer Technician and Cooler Technician Saudi Arabia
UOC-265-14 Water Treatment Supervisor Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
UOC-264-14 Veterinarian Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
UOC-261-14 Vehicle Mechanic Oman
UOC-260-14 Electrician Oman
UOC-259-14 Maintenance Technician Oman
UOC-258-14 Plant Supervisor Oman
UOC-257-14 Logistic Services Support Coordinator KSA
UOC-256-14 Cost Engineer KSA
UOC-255-14 PCS Engineer KSA
UOC-254-14 Scheduling Engineer KSA
UOC-253-14 Electrical Engineer KSA
UOC-252-14 Civil Engineer KSA
UOC-251-14 Instrument Engineer KSA

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