Current Openings

Job id Job Title Country
UOC-319-16 Cook Muscat Oman
UOC-318-16 Workers (all-rounder) Muscat Oman
UOC-317-16 Excavator / JCB Driver Muscat Oman
UOC-316-16 Crane Driver Muscat Oman
UOC-315-16 Operators pump house and RO plant Muscat Oman
UOC-314-16 Technician (Pipe Repairing) Muscat Oman
UOC-313-16 Technician (Pump house / RO) Muscat Oman
UOC-312-16 TFS Supervisor Muscat Oman
UOC-16 Team Leader (Repair gangs-Below) Muscat Oman
UOC-310-15 instrument technician Doha QATAR
UOC-311-15 Welder Doha QATAR
UOC-309-15 Electrician Doha QATAR
UOC-308-15 Fabricator Doha QATAR
UOC-307-15 Instrument pipefitter Doha QATAR
UOC-306-15 Rigger Doha QATAR
UOC-305-15 Rigging charge hand Doha QATAR
UOC-304-15 Rigging Foreman Doha QATAR
UOC-303-15 Fabricator charge hand Doha QATAR
UOC-302-15 Fabricator foreman (construction supervisor) Doha QATAR

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