Although had been in player tall age of 38 years old now, but often accuse to defend Derek - Fischer still does not agree to exit NBA arena, "Old fish " express, even if be this sports season end, he also does not plan to choose to retire immediately. Fischer just comes to an agreement with thunderbolt, signed a contract that ends to this sports season, and he also hopeful carries on his shoulder or back in Russia carat the 6th when Ma Cheng goes contending for him total champion. If be to arrive,finish a sports season " old fish " return the word in go on an expedition, so he has achieved 39 years old " old age " .

Page number: 1 2 3 4 Issue one page[On the west armour] Yibuboyang enters one ball each cling to Sa 2

Many players left, there is no lack of among them seasoned, but, this is not us when bringing a few new move. Here has a big new player to swarm into, want to bring everybody green vitality. Azaer stopped a little while, for French the interpreter is being searched for more accurate with the word. This word gallice will tell is insanity of La Folie () , not be to make nerve, have kind of unrestrained blossomming interest however, this is different. Qieerxiben has same quality personally, him help will challenge ace, win a victory.

Since two months, zhanmusi is behaved very stable, although be defeatedOxthe competition is such also. The Liansheng of showing tremendous enthusiasm decides case to be in 27, but they had locked up calm the eastpart part the first, do not need Zhanmusi to there is more using up in groovy contest, look in them now is the inning that issues groovy contest MVP.

Photograph comparing defends at be in on-line is firm, the attack firepower of South-American team also a bit is not poor. 14 battle already made 5 team into 22 balls, argentine with 7 balls achievement and Portuguese paratactic a list of names posted up head, brazil also has 5 balls, with Germany, Holand, Korea 3 stand side by side the 3rd. In addition Uruguay (4 balls) with Paraguay, Chile (3 balls) in whole the goal slants little current contest also is good play. Sit have the whole world optimal line of defence and line of top class attack, the possibility that 5 strong will current world cups turn South America into America cup already bigger and bigger.

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