The 59th minute, lu Ni is pushed 30 times shoot the Huowaji that be pulled by case to be confiscated easily. The 60th minute, fulanza receives Bei Na to pass ball shoot to slant target. Install shoot of left costal region of tower Er forbidden zone to slant once more subsequently piece. The 63rd minute, phil - the bottom below right way passes Jones in, aiernadesi grabs bit of head to attack beam of door tower above. After 1 minute, accept Buddhist nun 20 shoot are confiscated by Gelahuowaji. The 66th minute, the law is passed 45 degrees than abstruse Zun Lu in, head attacks Beierbatuofu the door is confiscated once more by Gelahuowaji. The 75th minute, the field after pulling handkerchief passes ball error, left costal region breaks Beierbatuofu ball hind faces case 16 times to pull Huo Waji disclose to shoot dozen to the left on the net. The 80th minute, piao Zhixing changes Anderson.

After complete star is surpassed, division comparing all contributes 30.3 minutes 12 times than competition ground, hit the target rate achieve 49% , he all sends secondary attack 12 times this than competition ground, it is whole group likewise highest.

Heart of Argentine civil war is over than Mei Xi because melon success Yi encounters a strong opponent to disappear chronically[Kingly cup] 10 forces contest is miserable group of negative second level is batty army advocate field 1:2Pull division

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