" daily lens signs up for " write civil point out meaning Jia Sanjiang hopes to receive accept Buddhist nun to account in this summer, they think this 24 years oldPortugueseThe star is inEnglandEnter after swinging 4 years, longing searchs new challenge, and meaning armour league matches to accept Buddhist nun perhaps be best choice.

Imposing manner of horse of the emperor after begin very fill, reverse the position of the host and the guest, the 3rd minute, fandefate shoot of reserve forward position slants piece those who pulled open emperor horse aggression is prelusive. The 9th minute, haweialongsuo passes a ball, before Aerbiaoer takes a ball to go up energetically long shot, tower above beam. But the development as the match, aosasuna begins suppress adversary gradually, the 31st minute, wrong way of the field before Puniyaer punishs a free kick, head attacks the Fulaniao of the road in the door slants piece. Emperor horse stricks back with placement opportunity, the 33rd minute, zun Lu opens Fandefate a corner kick, head of the dot before adding thunder develops a tower above.

Discipline sex of Fanmaerweike is beyond question, any bagatelle that affect team solidarity likely can be solved immediately. Team group is surpassed and the Fanpeixi in the match of Cameroon is replaced some are rusty when end, forward of Dan Asen accept passes Holand TV station and broadcasting station very quickly to apologize to team; When Ailiya is playing game with Babeier, the young general before the contest uploaded a video, the field in hamburger explodes the utterance that gives pair of Moroccan descendant the colour bar, dimension of model horse Er overcomes pair of this be furious, then he prohibits the player uses the small gain such as Twitter, Facebook and gregarious website during the contest, ailiya also made public apology inside the team.

Before the 3rd end finally 16.4 seconds, du Lan faces Luo Er especially - of Deng defend, he is gone to suddenly around penalty shot line right one walks, recall after immediately will jump cast. Connect a behavioral shift to let trip of within an inch of of stagger of Deng foot the next so, when when his readjust good centre of gravity, du Lan jumps especially cast had hit the target. This field match, although Du Lan spy hits the target rate is not high, but he still lets adversary take his have no other way.

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